Genome’s month in review: October 2022

Genome’s month in review: October 2022

October – the spooky season is finally here! But there’s nothing spooky about Genome’s month in review – only the juiciest updates we had this month! Let’s see what we’ve got for you:

All the tips on choosing the right card

We at Genome have multiple card options, so we know a lot about this part of the financial industry. And we want you to know which type of card will suit your company’s needs the most.

Thus, this month we had two crucial articles on the topic. The first one is regarding debit cards for business, where we explained what these cards are used for, how they differ, and their main benefits for corporations. 

In the second article, we explained the phenomenon of corporate virtual cards, how they differ from their physical counterparts and why you may consider getting a virtual card instead of a plastic one. 

And, to add to the useful information for your company, our team also explained what is classified as business transactions and how you can make them using Genome’s services.

Expanding on more recent features 

You know, plastic cards have been around for a long time – most adults have had experience with them at least once in their lives. But what about more recent technologies used in the banking sphere?

Well, we made a deep dive into two such topics. The first, of course, are contactless payments which have been on the rise since the beginning of the pandemic. We elaborated on why contactless payment methods gain such popularity and what you need to use these. 

Another topic of interest is virtual IBANs. What even are these, and if they differ from regular International Bank Account Numbers? If you want to find out – check out the article

The ultimate guide to mass payouts

What if you want to send multiple payments at once but feel overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do? Batch payments are here to help. 

Our team made an extensive blog on why mass payouts are so efficient and described how they work using Genome’s services as an example. Make your business transactions easier using this tool!

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