Genome’s month in review: August 2022

Genome’s month in review: August 2022

Summer moved on, but Genome is here to stay! Our team had a very productive August, and we’d like to share some updates with you. More on that – below.

A new contactless payment option

As an online wallet provider, Genome works on diversifying the contactless payment options our platform is compatible with. And now, along with Apple Pay and Google Pay, we also provide Garmin Pay!

Meaning you can now link our Genome virtual or physical cards to your Garmin Pay watch that supports NFC payments. Check out this blog for more details. 

Hallo, wir sprechen Deutsch!

From the beginning, Genome has been working with all the EU countries. And we want to make things more user-friendly for our non-English speaking clients. Thus, in July 2020, we first localized our product to German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Norwegian. We later added Lithuanian and Ukrainian options.

And now, it’s our website’s turn! Genome’s website is now available in German, so you can find all the necessary information about our services if it is your native language. Website versions in other languages will be available soon as well!

Refreshing your knowledge about money transfers

The ability to send and receive funds is one of the fundamentals when it comes to financial service providers. And Genome is no exception! 

That’s why we wanted to remind you about some necessary steps when making euro transfers via the SEPA network. 

Our team also described the basic information you need to know to make a SWIFT payment. All of it is listed in this article

The right account for your company

If you run a business – no matter how big or small, the business account is still a must. Why do you need this sort of financial feature in the first place? Well, we elaborated on that in this article and described how to choose the right account for you. 

And we explained the difference between a regular bank account and a business one so you can benefit from using both! While you are at it, you can also check out the article on the banking top trends for 2023  to know what new exciting things are coming. 

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