Genome’s month in review: February 2022

Genome’s month in review: February 2022

This time we start our blog by addressing important events. February 2022 has brought times of great unease and sadness upon Europe and beyond. Right now, the Ukrainian people keep on fighting for their freedom and independence, as they have to defend their country.

Genome and Lithuania stand with Ukraine, and we ask our clients and partners to share the word and donate to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The current situation concerns every European state!

Now, let’s discuss our product updates.

Money movements and transfers abroad: what to know

No bunking is possible without funds, which sometimes need to be sent to other people or between a person’s accounts. 

In February, our team dedicated three articles to the topic. For one, we described which processes are involved in the banking system’s money movement operations. 

Also, our clients can now better understand how to send funds to other countries. Particularly how the international transfers work. And for SEPA transfers, you need to know where to find and how to check your IBAN

Chat improvements for the iOS users

Last month, we reported the launch of the chat button for Android phones. And now, Genome clients with iPhones can chat with us as well!

Any time you use the Genome app and have questions or issues – click the chat button to contact our support team! You can talk to them via your preferred channel: Zendesk, Facebook messenger, Telegram, and WhatsApp. 

Can’t stop talking about security

Guilty! Our team finds it necessary to post lots of information on protecting your funds and accounts. 

At the end of 2021, the product team has released the Genome token – a physical device for business wallet users to authorize every outgoing payment. The token significantly ups the ante when it comes to the security of the company’s funds. Find out how the token works and how to get it here

Another safety-related article we published was regarding 3D secure – a feature every merchant should utilize to protect themselves and their clients from fraud. It requires the double authentification of a customer when they buy something on the website. If you still don’t have 3D Secure, read about its advantages

Lithuania’s #1 startup! 

We are very grateful – Genome’s clients enjoy and approve of our services. Thanks to that, Genome has become “Startup of the Year” of Vilnius, according to HackerNoon. All as a result of voting! We were also mentioned as a runner-up of one of the best startups in Northern Europe. Thanks for your trust; we take it as a clear sign that we are developing in the right direction! 

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