Genome’s month in review: May

Genome’s month in review: May

There has been a lot of new updates and engaging content coming from Genome lately, so we’ve decided to share a summary of the most important and interesting events, features, and blog posts of May 2020.

Genome’s COVID-19 initiative continues to gain recognition. Yes, technically we have cancelled all the service fees for our low-risk clients in April, but the offer will continue as some countries are still facing the lockdown due to the pandemic. The relevance of our initiative was recognized by FinTech advisor Marcel Van Oost and IBS Intelligence last month, and by Financial IT in May. 

Genome has launched a referral program. We are finally able to reward our clients with bonuses for introducing their business partners, colleagues, or friends to Genome’s services. 

To do that, you need to share the referral link with the aforementioned people (the are no limits for their number), and they should complete the on-boarding procedure using it. After that, every month you will get 10% of your partner’s commission fees for services like transfers and currency exchange. Find out even more details about the referral program on our website. 


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Our new article set the record straight about the difference between e-Wallets and payment gateways. Genome uses blog post articles to educate people about basic banking terms and operations, as we believe that you should be aware of all the aspects and possible risks within the industry if you are using its services. 
In this article, we described in great detail what is an e-wallet and types of it, and also explained why some people compare e-wallets and payment gateways, as their features influence the way payment details are handled during the payment processing. Check out the article to find out more.

Genome published its first tutorial on how to open a personal IBAN account. We provide our services completely online for our clients’ convenience. By creating this tutorial, Genome wanted to show our potential customers that you can start using our platform pretty fast, as it takes only four easy steps to open a personal IBAN account.
The tutorial describes every of the said steps in detail and is supplemented by screenshots of the registration process. We are also planning to issue tutorials on how to open business and merchant accounts in the next two months. So, if you are interested – don’t miss the update. 

We had to temporarily halt SWIFT transfers and currency exchange since May 21st. We have notified our clients about it and we are working to resume the services promptly, so follow the updates on our blog.

Genome is nominated for the award in Innovation in the payment solutions category. Genome made it to the EGR B2B Awards shortlist and is being recognized for our innovation in payments solution.
We are proud to enter the shortlist, as this year EGR received over 520 entries from more than 190 companies, which is a record. Find out more about the ceremony in this blog post.

Taking a look back at May helps Genome’s team to reflect on our ideas, successful update launches, and look for areas to grow in. All this experience makes us work even harder to improve our services and share more of knowledge with our audience and clients about the world of fintech and finances. So bring on your best game, June!

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