Genome’s month in review: September

Genome’s month in review: September

Our team at Genome started the autumn productively, releasing multiple new features throughout September. We are getting ready for new thrilling services being released, which we will describe in the blog post. Let’s see, what Genome’s got in store for you now and in the months to come!

Minor updates that make a big difference

Genome’s team continues making our product more functional each month, with seamless features that allow for a smoother experience. This time we have developed a notification center, where you can look up all the important notifications, and you will also be getting data on all your wallet’s activities or changes.

As for apps’ updates, you can now download a payment receipt from the transaction details – nice and easy, like all things Genome. Other minor bugs were fixed as well. 

More integration option for new merchants: Shopify, PrestaShop, OpenCart, and OXID

Spreading the most convenient online banking features among more merchants is what we strive to do, and for now, we’ve got a new exciting solution to this issue. Genome now has integrations with PrestaShop, OpenCart, and OXID, and users of these platforms can open a merchant account within Genome by just installing a free plugin. 

Later in September, Genome also got a plugin for Shopify users, so they too can join Genome and try out an all-in-one online dashboard for banking services. You can find out how to install said plugins in the blog posts linked above respectively.

Preparing for Genome’s virtual and physical cards release 

This month we had two articles in our blog dedicated to bank cards. The first one described some of the most common types of bank cards, and the other one had tips on how to choose the right bank card. 

Infographic: The number of active credit card users worldwide as of 2020.

These articles are relevant, as pretty soon Genome will launch our very own virtual and physical debit cards, which can be used to manage personal funds, for businesses, and for corporate needs. 

Using Genome’s dashboard, you will be able to order virtual and physical cards, which support multiple currencies. Virtual cards can be used instantly after you apply for them: save money and buy things online with a currency, which is the most preferable for you.

Infographic: The amount of money in transactions that virtual cards are forecasted to process in 2020, 2025.

Genome’s team made sure our debit cards are protected – it will be possible to order a card without a CVV/expiration date so that this data won’t be stolen. But no worries – a cardholder will access this information through the dashboard/app.

Another great news is that we’ll offer businesses both virtual and physical corporate cards for your expense management and tracking.

Please check out the articles for more information on the cards, as well as follow Genome’s social media and visit our blog for the latest updates on the cards and other new features.

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