Genome’s month in review: June 2022

Genome’s month in review: June 2022

June – what a great time for a celebration on the beach. And this month, we have some major news to celebrate! We also want to share this joy with you – whether at the beach or in the office!

Spotlighting Genome for German clients

Financial services are now prevalent worldwide, but choosing an option that is right for your business is not easy. But no worries, our team is here for you, and in June, we focused on people who live or moved to Germany.

Choosing a bank in Germany for foreigners” is an excellent read for those who aren’t sure how to start a business account in Germany and what they need. Learn why this type of account is beneficial to use and how you can open it at Genome completely online and in a few simple steps!

Mass transfers get a mass update

Speaking of business: there are many features your company needs to run the financial side of things successfully. And batch payments – the ability to send multiple transfers simultaneously- is one of them.

Genome has perfected its mass transfer service to make it more handy and diverse for our business wallet users. Now, using this feature, you can send SEPA transfers and internal Genome transfers. SWIFT transfers are coming soon too. Moreover, you no longer need a merchant account to make mass transfers – your business wallet is quite enough! For more updates on the feature, check out our blog!

Cards for contactless payments

Paying with your phone is highly convenient, but you still need to consider where the money you pay is coming from. I.e., what card you are using.

Genome’s debit cards have recently become compatible with Google Pay and Apple Pay (more on that later). And our team figured this was a great time to compare and choose the best cards that can be used for payments using Android or iOS devices. Find the full list in the two respective articles.

Genome – now with Apple Pay!

Last but certainly not least, we have some big news! Genome’s virtual and physical Visa cards for individuals and corporate clients are now Apple Pay compatible.

Thus, any client with an iOS device can now pay with it contactless or online with just one click. All you need is to link the Genome card to your Apple Wallet – all can be easily done inside our dashboard. Start paying right away – easily and securely! For more information, check out this blog.

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