Genome’s year in a review: the grandest updates and moments of 2022

Genome’s year in a review: the grandest updates and moments of 2022

The passing year was full of events, and Genome is no exception. We had a lot of work to do. And as a result, we delivered many new features! 

Today, we wanted to review the whole of 2022 and tell you about some of the most important updates and news regarding Genome – in no particular order. 

The year of contactless payments

What can we say? For Genome, contactless payments have become a factor of a monumental shift in 2022. As you know, we operate entirely online and want our services to reach as many clients as possible. And contactless payments, as a feature, provide clients with the same level of convenience and seamlessness. 

So, in 2022 our team decided to deliver all at once! We started by implementing Google Pay for all our clients using Android OS devices. Apple Pay followed next, equipping the users of iOS with a contactless payment option. Last but not least, we enabled Garmin Pay for those who have NFC-compatible Garmin watches.  

All these contactless payment methods allowed us to enhance our virtual cards to their fullest digital potential! You can pay using your phone or smartwatch and make purchases online. 

Genome – now with SWIFT transfers and Faster Payments!

Transfers are fundamental for any financial experience. We want our clients to be able to send funds around the world and in different currencies, too!

So now, Genome offers SWIFT* payments! These are easy to make and receive within our platform. You can send money to 140 countries in your preferred currency – euros, British pounds, and US dollars.

In addition, we also implemented Faster Payments* – a transfer option for UK clients within Great Britain. The best part – most Faster Payments will reach the beneficiary within minutes! 

*Please note that since then, we have updated our SWIFT, Faster Payments, and other international money transfer services. Learn more about it in this article

New and improved mass transfers

Batch payments are certainly not a new feature at Genome. But we made sure to make some tweaks to improve it. So, what do you get with our mass transfer service?

The most notable change is that now you don’t need a merchant account to instruct mass payments – you can do so with just a business wallet! Send transfers via SEPA or Genome’s instant transfers using a CSV or XML file.

You can also schedule these transfers and benefit from the access management feature, dividing the process of preparing and sending out mass transfers between two or more parties. 

Adding more tools for your secure experience

If you have been a part of Genome’s family for some time, you know that we pay a lot of attention to the safety of our platform. And in 2022, we came up with one more tool to ensure the protection of our clients.

We are talking about the Genome’s security token. Available for business wallet users, it is a small physical gadget. Its purpose is to add additional mechanisms to approve or restrict all outgoing transfers remotely, in addition to the 2FA payment verification. Thus, the token allows ensuring that the business wallet owner is in control of all the outgoing money flow. 

Making Genome more accessible to foreign clients

We know how important it is to provide the most comprehensible and straightforward services. That’s why, in 2022, we started a long process of localizing the Genome website.

Right now, our clients can switch languages for our website to English, German, and Ukrainian. Our team also wanted to remind you that the product is available in English, German, Spanish, Lithuanian, French, Ukrainian, Italian, and Norwegian. 

Playing our part in helping Ukrainians

2022 was, unfortunately, a devastating year for our fellow European nation. Ukraine continues suffering due to Russia’s unlawful full-scale war against it.

As a company, we could not stay aside. In March, we donated to the cause and allowed Ukrainians to start personal wallets on our platform.

Later on, we also created a specific account type for Ukraine-based clients. Called sole proprietor accounts, these allow Ukrainians to receive income in euros and use it to make transfers and payments with our cards. Such accounts are as easy to start as regular personal accounts!

Lithuania’s #1 startup

It feels great to feel appreciated by our clients, so much so that it shows on more than one level. What do we mean? Well, HackerNoon named Genome the “Startup of the Year of Vilnius.” Our platform was also a runner-up of one of the best startups in Northern Europe.

Our team is very grateful, as we got the title thanks to our clients’ votes! It truly shows us that we are on the right trajectory and motivates us to work even harder!

Meeting up with clients and partners

For our team, keeping in touch with people who use our services and getting their feedback is fundamental. Thus, in 2022, we visited many events and conferences. Some of the most prominent ones include SiGMA Europe 2022, Money20/20 (both Amsterdam and Las Vegas), SBC Summit in Barcelona, ICE London, and TES Affiliate Conference in Barcelona.

It was so lovely and fulfilling to see our partners and clients! And, if you want to meet up someday – subscribe to our social media. We post about all the conferences we will visit beforehand, and you can book a meeting with the team members!

Other small but essential updates

Our team made many upgrades to the product during the year, and we want to highlight some of them. First and foremost, we added so much more new communication channels so you can conveniently reach out to our support team. Using your phone, you can contact us via Zendesk, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, or WhatsApp.

Next up – our team developed a report for business wallet users to track their company’s performance better. The automatic monthly balance statements include turnover, chargebacks, refunds, fees, rolling reserve, and other metrics. 

Last but not least, we redesigned the KYC procedure page for a more seamless experience for both personal and business clients.

As you can see, the year was full of diverse updates and new exciting features. We at Genome plan to keep the plank high and even higher for 2023! Have a happy holiday season, and see you next year!

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