Genome’s month in review: April 2022

Genome’s month in review: April 2022

April is over, but we at Genome hardly noticed that! All because we were busy working on and improving Genome! Want to find out what’s new? Read on!

Google Pay all the way!

As you may know, recently, all Genome’s virtual and physical Visa cards became Google Pay-compatible. Meaning, that you can now experience contactless swift payments if you use phones or smartwatches that run on Android OS.

So, to cover the topic in greater detail, our team also published the article on Google Pay, answering the most common questions people have about the service. A great read if you don’t know about all the benefits of Google Pay just yet!

Advising small businesses

Small companies deserve more attention and help. After all, it is hard to start a business and thrive in today’s financial climate. So, Genome is here for them!

This month we published two articles on the topic. The first one focuses on why such companies need a business account and how they can get one. In the second article, we elaborate on other financial services small businesses should look into if they want to work stable. 

And, if you are an e-commerce company, we also highly recommend the article about the Shopify platform, which can significantly reduce the work you need to complete to get your website going. 

Product updates

This month, we had some new features implemented inside Genome to improve our customers’ experience.

First of all, our access management service. If you didn’t know, it allows the business wallet user to give access to their employees to share the workload inside it. You can find out more about it here

Now, our product team added the “transfers setting” to the mix. Using it, the wallet owner can allow other employees to make money transfers or confirm them.

In other news, you can now download the card statement to oversee all the transactions you made within a certain period. Generate the report by going to card settings and clicking the “card statement” button.


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Do you like scrolling through Instagram? Well, we like this social media too. And now, you can find our great graphics out there. 

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Meeting up with clients in London

In the middle of April, our team was lucky to visit another big-league event – ICE London! It was a great opportunity to share our experience and explain how our services work to potential clients and industry experts.

Our CEO Daumantas Barauskas and account manager Karolis Dula were delighted to see you all! If you didn’t manage to meet up with them, follow us on Facebook, and we will notify you where we will show up next!

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