Genome’s greatest product updates 2021: our picks!

Genome’s greatest product updates 2021: our picks!

It is time to have some fun as the year ends! And to our team, fun means we get to go through the most deciding Genome updates that occurred in 2021. Keep in mind that we had plenty of new articles and features over the year. And you can learn about them in our monthly blogs. The following are just the team’s personal favorites that define Genome and what we strive for.

Saving your time on SEPA transfers

This one is very recent, so you might have missed it! Genome now pre-fills in the BIC code when you make SEPA bank payments. The feature is automatic for both personal and business wallet clients.

It allows making transfers conveniently and efficiently, as you now only need to know the receiver’s name and IBAN. And Genome will take care of the rest! Find more info on the update here.

Identity verification for secure payments

Strengthening the security of our platform is something the team works on regularly. After all, fraudsters frequently come up with new ways of stealing funds and data, and we develop our methods to keep them in line!

In 2021 Genome enabled the two-step verification for outgoing transactions. To put it simply, each time our clients make payments, they need to confirm them via an email or text message. It prevents other people from performing unauthorized payments from your account.

The 2FA is now also used for Genome’s access management feature. With it, the employees confirm their identity when invited to operate a shared business account. Again, no unauthorized individuals shell pass and get inside your wallet.

Easy in-app integration of our payment page

This one is for all the companies that sell goods and services primarily via applications. Our team developed a mobile SDK that allows integrating Genome’s payment page into your app effortlessly.

The payment process will be taking place completely inside your application, and you can customize the page how you feel like it. The SDK is PCI DSS compliant, and you can be sure our merchant account comes with top-notch anti-fraud tools.

Making corporate payments safer with Genome token

Another security feature the team has put lots of effort into. Running a company is complicated, and you have to keep track of multiple operations. Especially when it comes to endless meetings and business trips. Because of that, we wanted your outgoing payments to be safe at all times.

Genome’s security token is a device that allows a business wallet owner to authorize all payments made from their business account. This way, the owner can always ensure all the outgoing payments aren’t made without their consent. A crucial feature when you manage your business wallet with other employees. Find out how to get and use the token here.

Get the Genome card of your choice right now!

The launch of virtual and physical cards is a monumental point in Genome’s history. We wanted to make sure that personal and corporate cards offer all the main features our clients may require. So, the cards are the extension of services Genome’s wallets provide.

Get a virtual Visa card to keep all financial operations in a digital form. Make payments online seamlessly and overlook all the transactions from your phone – anytime, anywhere.

Or order a physical debit card to make payments on the go and withdraw money in any ATM that works with Visa. The cards are extra safe to carry around if you request that they don’t contain any financial information printed.

All in all, 2021 was an incredibly productive and eventful year for Genome, but we would not be where we are now without the support and inspiration we get from our clients! We wish you all happy holidays and hope you’ll continue using Genome next year and beyond!

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